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  • Team Work

    Now, task management, business planning and business follow-up is too easy.

  • Ease of Use

    Now, task management, business planning and business follow-up is too easy.

  • Access from Anywhere

    TaskSetGo offers a chance to manage your tasks from any device and application you want to use via web and mobile browser applications, Android, iOS, Chrome applications and Outlook extensions.

  • Checklists

    Thanks to checklists, you can control overall before task is delivered.

  • Tasks Arrays and Time Calculations

    TaskSetGo allows you to deliver your projects in time and complete them by arraying the tasks without any delay.

  • Delivery on Time

    TaskSetGo removes the possibilities of forgetting or omission by giving necessary warnings so that you can make the delivery on time.

  • Statistics (Grafic)

    TaskSetGo offers you all kinds of report in tables and grafics that you need.

  • Customer Notification

    TaskSetGo reminds you necessary reminders to inform your customer after task is completed.

  • Manager Control

    Project manager’s approval is needed before informing the customer when a task is completed. TaskSetGo increases the customer satisfaction by minimizing the faults with this specification.

  • Privacy

    Users can not access any project and task they aren’t related..

  • Accounting

    Wages of completed tasks are calculated automatically by TaskSetGo and can be invoiced by your accounting personnel easily.

  • Time Tracking

    How much time the user spends on the task is recorded. This information helps to evaluate the performance in reportings.