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  1. I have created a task but I want to change the task’s user?

    Because of tasks are created on the basis of user, it can be changed only the task user have not started to task.If he/she started on task, you can copy the task and assign another user.After that the first task can be cancelled.

  2. What is the effect of repetitive tasks in task allignment?

    When the time comes, the repetitive tasks also are aligned as normal task.If it is not signed as urgent, there wont be a matter of priority.

  3. I have created repetitive task but in task list, it shows only one task ?

    Repetitive tasks are created when tasks are needed to be done.When the time comes, repetitive task will be created by system automatically as new task.

  4. How the tasks arrays are organised?

    TaskSetGo arrays the tasks to minimize the delays according to deadline and estimated working time thanks to special developed task array algorithm. All the urgent tasks are aligned to be created before other tasks. Urgent tasks are alligned among each other.

  5. If I do not assign any delivery date and time to the task, how system calculates it?

    Tasks doesn’t count in calculations, which its delivery date and time aren’t assigned.Naturally, these tasks take part after the tasks that assigned delivery date and time.

  6. Can every manager confirm the unfinished task?

    No.Only manager of the project’s can see and confirm the task.Management situations is about the project. A user who is manager of a Project can also be only a user in a different Project.

  7. Can I assign more than one account manager to my account?

    Yes. You can assign any person as an account manager.

  8. Can I create a subtask to a task that created as subtask?

    No. Because of the necessity of system structure, you can not create a subtask again.If neccessary, you can create a normal task and it is recommended to create subtasks below that task.

  9. Can I assign more than one user to one task?

    No. Because of the neccessity of system calculations and tracking specifications, only one task can be created for one user. If a task is needed to be assigned to different users, it is recommended to seperate the tasks to different tasks or open them as subtasks for different users.